Consulting Services

Consulting​ Services

Our consulting​ services are wide-ranging from litigation and expert witness testimony to investor due diligence and lease advisory services.

Investor Due Diligence Consulting

Investor Due Diligence

No matter what phase of the real estate life-cycle you’re at, Ackerly & Hubbell Appraisal Corp can be your strategic consultant and assist you in the acquisition process, the ownership phase and the disposition process.

Prior to the ownership phase, our skilled staff can advise you about property alternatives, financing alternatives for taxable and nontaxable investors, review of the cash-flow model, potential investment performance, and rates of return.

Proper management and prudent capital expenditure can affect future returns throughout the ownership period and at disposition. We can review your historical returns and assess your current cash flow to ensure the maximum future profit from your investment. As part of the process, we can perform a proper hold versus dispose analysis.

Lease Advisory

We offer lease advisory services for tenants and landlords.

Rental costs are typically a company’s second-largest expense. Our lease advisory services include a review of the tenant’s needs, a market analysis of the current rental environment, and a thorough review of any current or proposed lease. This can help you maximize your benefits while keeping costs to a minimum.

As a tenant, do you know your true cost of occupancy? Lease documents can be complex and include legal jargon, and your true cost of occupancy goes beyond the rental rate. What are the escalation clauses? How much is the landlord willing to pay for tenant improvements (build-out allowance). Are there any rent concessions? Any options to renew?

Consulting | Ackerly & Hubbell Appraisal Corp

All of these factors affect your true cost of occupancy. When reviewing different lease proposals from landlords, it is important to understand all the terms to work out the net expense to your company.

Ackerly & Hubbell Appraisal Corp can provide an analysis of your tenant needs, including:

  • Identification of existing and future spaces deemed appropriate for your current needs as a tenant
  • Comparison of properties to identify the most appropriate space
  • Review of present lease proposals and lease renewal terms
  • Occupancy cost conclusions and recommendations
Litigation Consulting


The litigation process is complex. There are many reasons why an appraiser’s expertise may be required. From reviewing and exposing weaknesses of the other appraisal to providing expert witness testimony, you need a firm with the experience and credentials to offer credible opinions using proven, court-accepted methodologies.

R. Peters Hubbell, Jr. has served as an expert witness and is qualified in federal and state courts with a diversified litigation experience.